Middle School

“Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.”

Middle School 12 – 14 Years old

The Montessori middle school ages 12 – 14, integrate rigorous academic studies with practical learning experiences and a student centered approach that develops critical skills such as problem solving, organization, time management, leadership, responsibility, meeting deadlines, cooperative learning, self regulation and reflection.
Our morning begins with daily student-led community meetings followed by activities, such as in inquiry-based problem solving, applied scientific method and large blocks of uninterrupted work periods. Uninterrupted work periods allow students to focus on projects with greater concentration, while providing deep inquiry, Socratic dialogue and opportunities to work in a collaborative environment.

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The Montessori middle school has its foundation in hands-on, experiential learning. Students create their own business, where they handle the marketing, accounting and distribution with the profits directed to an end of year adventure trip. They also manage a land lab consisting of a vegetable garden, hen house and weather station ran as another micro economy. All science projects are studied through experiments with history topics often evolving into debates, mock court trials, or Socratic dialogues.

Subject areas are mastered through the use of complex research projects presented in the form of powerpoints, skits, visual aides, models, timelines, or even student created documentaries. In addition, students take specialized courses including foriegn languages, visual and performing arts, physical education, robotics, field studies, apprenticeships and service learning. Student work revolves around study guides requiring students to make choices, problem solve and develop time management.